Our Mission

We provide the experience, knowledge, and solutions to make the MOST EFFECTIVE use of your DATA , resulting in WELL INTEGRITY and REVENUE OPTIMIZATION throughout the entire well lifecycle.

What We Do:

Well Lifecycle Resources (WLR) strives to provide the resources needed for oil and gas operators to make the most effective use of their well data to improve well integrity and revenue optimization throughout the entire well life cycle.

Our software solutions strengthen operators’ analytical capabilities by providing industry-proven analytical tools that also ensure and measure data quality and integrity throughout the entire well life cycle, all while unifying and streamlining the process for all users in every department.

WLR’s expert consulting services provide a team comprised of the most knowledgeable and experienced consultants and programmers available in the market today, specializing in the configuration and customization of the top software products available in the industry such as the Peloton® suite of products:  WellView®, RigView®, SiteView®, and ProdView®.

Our specific training solutions have been developed over years of industry training experience to offer the most effective means of training personnel in the use of today’s major well database software solutions through online, on-site, and pre-built, customizable documentation solutions.

Why We Do It:

Well Lifecycle Resources, LLC. (WLR) has over 25 years of experience in developing and supporting well databases. We have a keen understanding of operators’ needs that cannot be matched by our competitors.

Our founder, Bill Pesek, is a petroleum engineer and was the Peloton® U.S. Sales Manager for over eight years. Our consulting team has served as employees of small, mid and large sized operators. Each member of our team holds the same commitment to our clients, to be the best in what we do and to do it in the most cost and time efficient manner.

Our passion for excellence and integrity have been the driving force in the development of our solutions, and our experience in supporting oil and gas operators worldwide have provided us the insight and wisdom to create the most effective and intuitive pre-built solutions that solve and streamline the challenges faced throughout the industry in well data integrity and the analytic process.

WLR strongly believes that Data Integrity leads to Well Integrity and Revenue Optimization. With that equation always in mind, we continue to develop core software solutions to assist oil and gas operators in using critical well data most effectively.

Our Team

Bill Pesek

Bill Pesek

President and Founder

As a petroleum engineer, Bill has worked in various locations around the world. He has headed rig instrumentation, MWD, and mud logging operations, published white papers on Production Optimization and the Reduction of Downhole Production Equipment Failures, and also built, from the ground up, one of the first software companies to provide daily reporting and engineering analytics. With over 25 years of experience in developing well database software, and over eight years working with operators as the U.S. Sales Manager for Peloton, Bill has a unique understanding of what is important to oil and gas operators, large or small, and the knowledge to assist in providing services that are the perfect fit for facilitating revenue optimization and a culture of data integrity. Now Bill has embarked on this latest adventure to provide the oil industry the complete software solutions that are so desperately needed to utilize data to drive performance.

The Well Lifecycle Resources Team

Our team of consultants and programmers have served as employees of small, mid and large sized operators, in drilling and completions, both onshore and offshore, which gives us the real life knowledge of what matters to an operator. Having lived the life of the operator, we have a keen understanding of operators’ needs that cannot be matched by our competitors.

Each member of our team holds the same commitment to our clients, to be the best in what we do and do it in the most cost and time efficient manner.

Our Story


After over eight years of working with operators as the U.S. Sales Manager for Pelotonand over 25 years of experience developing well database software, petroleum engineer Bill Pesek founded Well Lifecycle Resources, LLC. (WLR) with the goal of solving the consistent problems that have plagued the oil and gas industry in the process of analyzing well data and ensuring data quality and integrity.


WLR quickly grew into a lean and effective team offering well data integrity consulting services and software solutions for the Peloton® suite of products. WLR launched development of our core software solutions.


After beta testing with our corporate partners, a mature version 1.0 of our core software offerings emerged on the market. Sales grew quickly as operators easily recognized the need and value of WLR’s software solutions. WLR began developing online training courses to provide efficient training solutions to our clients.


Through client feedback and requests, WLR’s software products evolved to include many new features and oil and gas industry logic. WLR expanded our online training courses product line to include WellView 9 and 10 courses for office and field users.


WLR is excited to continue developing features within our core product offerings and expanding to serve our continually growing consortium client base. WLR continues to grow and support oil and gas operators worldwide, developing and providing valuable, turnkey services including customized solutions, program development and project management. You will not find another company that offers the knowledge and expertise of Well Lifecycle Resources.

Our Locations

Houston, Texas

With our Headquarters in Houston, Well Lifecycle Resources is able to easily support our local, national, and international clients. Phone: 713-353-4615 Mailing Address: 4582 Kingwood Dr. #E155 Kingwood, Texas 77345

WLR Headquarters located in Houston, Texas

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Houston: 713-353-4615