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WLR HLSR Calf Scramble Sponsor in 2017

Since 1942, the Calf Scramble Program has been a part of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™. Since then, approximately $11.7 million has been awarded in certificates and awards to more than 21,000 students. For the 2017 Show, each student who catches a calf is awarded a $1,750 certificate to purchase a registered beef heifer or market steer to show at the Houston Livestock Show™ the following year. Returning as an exhibitor, the student shows in a special competition with other calf scramble winners. The student receives a $250 bonus, if program requirements are fulfilled throughout the year. There are two components to the Calf Scramble program; donors and scramblers. One cannot work without the other. The donors are essential to continuing the program, which gives young students the chance to learn about agriculture and responsibility.... read more

Top 10 Big Data Solution Providers 2017

Well Lifecycle Resources (WLR) Harnessing the Power of “Well Data” BIG DATA SPECIAL / FEBRUARY – 2017 – ENERGYCIOINSIGHTS.COM, The impending need for energy systems to become more intelligent and automated entails usage of data sources for capturing, crunching and creating meaning to information streaming from various sources like power usage, plant performances and recycle metrics. The adopted process is much like the transformation that the Internet went through – power companies are beginning to incorporate technologies like blockchain, Big Data and remote data distribution. A recent research conducted indicates that energy organizations that use Big Data as an integral technology in their processes are 23 times more likely to prevail over those that are not. Considering this wide margin, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the number of emerging startups focused on delivering big data solutions for smart metering, asset and workforce management, and grid operations are on the rise; exponentially. Big data has two major promises for the energy sector – automation of processes and predictive analytics. With the Oil and gas sector, the primary source of energy in the world today, generating terabytes of data on a weekly basis, energy companies have already been impelled to revolutionize their systems and process to incorporate big data solutions from a variety of vendors. In the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and analysts, along with Energy CIO Insight’s editorial board reviewed and shortlisted the top companies, at the forefront of tackling big data challenges for the energy sector. In this edition of Energy CIO Insights, we present to you “Top 10 Big Data... read more