Online Video Training

for WellView® and other Peloton® Products


Well Lifecycle Resources is pleased to introduce our full line of professionally developed online, e-training courses for Peloton® software.  These courses are the perfect answer to new employee on-boarding as well as office and rig personnel brush-up training.


Our team of Petroleum Engineering, Education and Peloton® experts carefully designed these courses with the entry-level user in mind. To appease the students’ attention clock and avoid zone-out, the courses are delivered in timed sessions averaging 15 minutes or less and allow completion at the student’s own pace. The user is taught everything necessary to become proficient in using Peloton’s WellView® program including navigation and data entry skills and are required to pass a final certification exam. The passing percentage requirement is set by your company and the student earns a certificate as proof that the training requirements were met.

WLR is confident that you will recognize the tremendous value in the quality of our e-training courses and their ease of use. Nothing could be easier than registering online and having these excellent courses available to your employees 24/7 on the web. There is no need for a training facility or on-site trainer and no complications with time zones. The only requirement needed is a computer with web access.



Developed for:
WellView® 9 & 10 field and office users


Instructor-Led Training Courses

WLR’s instructors have been training field and office users since the mid 1980’s, when computers with software were just being introduced to the rig sites.  With that experience, WLR has developed effective on-site training courses for Peloton’s WellView®, SiteView®, and RigView® software suites.

Professionally Designed

Courses have been professionally designed by subject matter experts and teaching professionals



Courses are modified and fit-for-purpose based on the students’ responsibilities and training needs.

Enhanced Content

WLR enhances the course experience with the custom designed WLR Documentation and Videos.

Experienced Trainers

WLR provides the most knowledgeable training professionals available within the industry.

 Training Documentation

WLR has many years of experience working with both the Oil & Gas Industry and the Peloton Suite of Products.  Born from this experience, WLR has developed customizable documentation for WellView®, SiteView®, and RigView® end users.


Modular deisgn so the user can digest smaller amounts of information at a time.



Customized based on the user’s specific responsibilities and company’s needs.

Easy to Follow

Developed to be an easy to follow script with more pictures and less text.