E-mail Notifier

A WLR Reporting Solution for Peloton™ Products

No longer do you have to find your reading glasses to read PDF reports on your phone!

Formatted for the iPhone, the Email Notifier™ by Well Lifecycle Resources, allows you to setup customized email schedules, define the data and filters, and send email reports to a distribution list per your customized schedule, straight from the WellView®, SiteView®, or RigView® database.

Formatted for Mobile Devices

Reports formatted for easy viewing on mobile devices. No more scrolling through PDFs!


Custom Peloton® Reporting

Create unlimited batch reports that send only the important information to any email address.

Scheduled Distribution

Set up customized email distributions on a customized schedule to run independent of the Peloton® software.


Data Imports

Make it Easy to Capture Third Party Information in WellView®.

WLR Frac Import™

Our latest version of the WLR Frac Import™ not only imports into the Stim/Treat tables of WellView® with the click of a button, but includes the zones, perforations, frac fluids, proppants, and frac plugs, all at once from one consolidated Excel spreadsheet filled out by your Frac vendors. Our import will then store the information in WellView® that you need to have a complete schematic of your Frac Job!


Gather Information with Ease...

One, consolidated spreadsheet to collect your Frac Vendor Data

Simply Import with One Click...

Everything you need for a complete schematic of your frac job in WellView

WLR Flowback Import™

Our Flowback Import was designed to not only import in the flow information from the field, but it then creates the Job, Daily Reports and Daily Summary for you in WellView®, for every day of the flow test, all at once! You get a daily summary for each day automatically and all that the office has to do is enter the costs for each day…  Job Complete

The WLR Flowback Import™ provides everything needed for multi-well graphical reporting of Oil, Gas, and Water levels within WellView®.

Automatically Create the Job, Day and Daily Reports


Schedule and Automate the Import Process

Output Multi-Well Graphical Reporting

WLR Fluid Levels Import™

Using WLR’s proprietary Fluid Level Import™, Fluid Level depths, rates, and pressures can be imported from any historical data source to provide valuable analysis of the data over the entire life of the well and in comparison to offset wells.

WLR Fluid Level Import for WellView

WLR Geologic Import™

Adding the geologic picture to the wellbore schematic in WellView® can prove to be very valuable. The WLR Geologic Import™ will allow you to easily import formation and lithology data from other geological source systems such as Petris®.

WLR Geologic Import for WellView from Petris

WLR Invoice Import™

It is invaluable in the well planning process to have the complete cost picture of your historical wells; including not only the AFE and Field Estimate costs, but the actual Paid Invoice amounts as well. The variances between these three cost types will allow you to be more cost efficient from your next well to your entire E&P budget for the year! WLR’s Invoice Import™ can help you to integrate your accounting system to the Peloton® database either as an automatic integrator module (integration runs on a schedule overnight), or as a WellView® Add-In Tool that can import invoices on demand.

WLR Invoice Import - Integrate Accounting with WellView

WLR Cost Contingency Adder™

The Cost Contingency Adder™, from WLR, automatically adds cost contingency record and amount to each day of the daily costs. Contingency records can be calculated and recorded specifically for tangibles or intangibles, and/or by work type (drilling, completion, etc.) depending on your cost chart of accounts. Contingency % amounts can be custom defined and even stored in WellView®. The Cost Contingency Adder™ can be ran every day to ensure that each daily operation record of the well contains a WellView® cost record with the proper contingency dollar record added for each day.

Add Cost Contingency Records in WellView