WLR Data Integrity Auditor™

An analytical data audit tool for Peloton® product users

Data quality is no longer a subjective idea…
it is a concrete measurement that fosters
accountability for data integrity
at every level of the organization.

Developed for use within:
WellView®, SiteView®, RigView®, ProdView®

The WLR Data Integrity Auditor™, developed by Well Lifecycle Resources enables the creation of a data standard within your company, easily enforces the standard at every data entry point, and streamlines the QC process while minimizing human error and providing KPI metrics of your data integrity at every level. It is a powerful solution for all Peloton® product users providing company-driven data quality checks that output directly within the Peloton® user interface as well as providing graphical KPI outputs per company specifications (by area, by well, by table, by user, etc.), giving you a measurable level of data integrity.

Measure Data Integrity

Correct Data at the Source

Enforce the Data Standard

Reduce Human Error

Streamline the QC Process

Inside the Peloton® User Interface


Identify Historical Data Gaps

1,200+ Industry Logic Rules

In the Field...

For data entry users, The WLR Data Integrity Auditor™ outputs results directly within Peloton’s user interface so that field users can quickly ensure the quality of their data against the company standard before syncing with one click… all without leaving the Peloton program.

In the Office...

The WLR Data Integrity Auditor™ outputs results filtered by area, well, tables, users, etc., with easy-to-understand KPI graphics so that admins can measure data quality and identify where training and data collection improvements can be made.

WLR Knowledge Management System™ (KMS)

An internal knowledge base support system for Peloton® users

The WLR Knowledge Management System™ (KMS) provides an internal Knowledge Base and change request system for all WellView®, SiteView®, RigView®, or ProdView® users within your company, including:


Searchable, “wiki-style” knowledge content

Direct Access

Direct Access from within any Peloton® product user interface


Secure user access through your company’s Active Directory

Industry Knowledge

Pre-populated with all of WLR’s industry knowledge


Scalable functionality to manage ever-growing content and processes

White Label

Customize the end-user experience using your company’s branding

User Support and Change Requests

The WLR KMS provides user support features that allow users to submit requests and provide feedback directly from within the Peloton® user interface, all while promoting self-help knowledge and empowering the admin to streamline and track the training and change request process.

Developed for use within:
WellView®, SiteView®, RigView®, ProdView®

Secure Video Support

The WLR KMS provides secure streaming video support across all devices allowing admins to add custom videos to train users on new features and processes, or to integrate WLR’s Online Training Videos directly into the knowledge base.

Advanced Reporting

The WLR KMS provides customizable and robust reporting that records knowledge base usage, user change requests, and deliverables. Track the type and amount of requests and searches, as well as time spent, to gain insight into your users’ issues, empowering you to easily communicate and justify solutions with one click.

The KMS Knowledge Base is a searchable, central depository or “Wiki” of information specific to your company’s processes. It also comes pre-populated with 25+ years of database morning reporting experiences made available by Well Lifecycle Resources, industry-wide documented feedback and Peloton’s support updates. It helps you manage and communicate requests for software customizations across the entire company, which is one of the hardest responsibilities of the product champion, now made easy!


WLR Training™ Online

E-Training for WellView® and other Peloton® Products

WLR has been training field and office personnel for over 28 years in the use of well database programs and proper data entry.  Our training programs encompass the most effective training methods for all critical areas of the Peloton® applications available in the market, including on-site, instructor-led and e-learning training courses along with extensive documentation

In tandem, we have also developed the WLR Knowledge Management System™ (KMS), providing users continual access to WLR’s training resources and shared knowledge as well as a centralized location to contribute users’ own lessons learned.  The WLR KMS provides an invaluable source of reference for Peloton® program users and extends to other related company knowledge, improving knowledge capture, utilization and collaboration.

WLR WellVision

an analytics tool for Peloton® Products

Developed to collaborate data from:
WellView®, SiteView®, RigView®, ProdView®,
SAP®, Internal Data Warehouses

WLR WellVision™ is a web-based portal that collaborates all of your in-house Peloton® data into one place with powerful, graphical analytics, allowing you to drill down into your data instantly.

Analytical Visualizations

Built with years of oilfield experience, WLR’s WellVision™ provides data visualizations from drilling to completion and all well services activities, combining time, cost, equipment, and production data elements whose cross-combinations result in millions of dollars in revenue optimization for your company throughout the entire well lifecycle.

GIS Mapping

Quickly visualize your wells, sites and rig moves directly through WLR WellVision’s™ GIS Mapping Visualizer, with advanced features such as well, site or rig selection including offset limiting and filtering features.

Document Management

WLR WellVision provides one place for users to view all documentation related to the well, site or rig without the need to hunt through different attachments or server locations, including Peloton® reports and schematics.